Luteolysis: a neuroendocrine-mediated event.

  title={Luteolysis: a neuroendocrine-mediated event.},
  author={Jennifer A. McCracken and Edward E. Custer and Justin C Lamsa},
  journal={Physiological reviews},
  volume={79 2},
In many nonprimate mammalian species, cyclical regression of the corpus luteum (luteolysis) is caused by the episodic pulsatile secretion of uterine PGF2alpha, which acts either locally on the corpus luteum by a countercurrent mechanism or, in some species, via the systemic circulation. Hysterectomy in these nonprimate species causes maintenance of the corpora lutea, whereas in primates, removal of the uterus does not influence the cyclical regression of the corpus luteum. In several nonprimate… CONTINUE READING
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