Luru Vopo Vir Can Utriet

  title={Luru Vopo Vir Can Utriet},
  author={Robert Steele},
  • R. Steele
  • Published 1 February 1928
  • History
  • Nature
EVERY now and then a fresh attempt is made to solve this cipher attributed to Roger Bacon in the “Epistola de secretis operibus artis et naturæ et de nullitate magiæ” (see for example, NATURE, Sept. 4, 1926, p. 352). These words have no manuscript authority whatever; they appear for the first time in an edition of the “Epistola” printed in Paris in 1542 from a poor MS., and seem to be due to an attempt to reproduce the text before him by the editor, Orontius Finé. The passage reads thus: