Lurkers at the Threshold: Saya and the Nature of Evil

  title={Lurkers at the Threshold: Saya and the Nature of Evil},
  author={Timothy Perper and Martha Cornog},
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illustrations, mostly at the beginning and between chapters. Th ese drawings by Shinma Daigo and Saeki Keita serve as small reminders of the novel’s relationship to the visual worlds of Shirow Masamune’s manga and Oshii’s fi lms. For Oshii fans and scholars (of which I am both), there is a short afterword in which Oshii and Yamada discuss how the novel came into being and the themes it develops. By going into Batou’s psychology immediately prior to Ghost in the Shell 2, the novel After the Long… 



Themes and Issues in Asian Cartooning: Cute, Cheap, Mad, and Sexy

  • J. Lent
  • Art
    The Journal of Asian Studies
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Today, comic art is the favorite reading fare for millions of Asians, and is a government-sanctioned, value-added product, as in the case of Korean and Japanese animation. Yet not much is known about

Th e Nimrod Connection: Myth and Science in the Hunting Model

  • Morning: Hunting and Nature through History
  • 1977

But Saya remains mysterious and a fi gure dwelling in the half-lit, violent darkness of oni-infested street gangs of Yokohama. Tamaoki Benkyō, Blood the Last Vampire

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Th e Aesthetics of Japanese Cinema,

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