Lupinus mutabilis: Composition, Uses, Toxicology, and Debittering.


Lupinus mutabilis has protein (32.0-52.6 g/100 g dry weight) and lipid (13.0-24.6 g/100 g dry weight) contents similar to soya bean (Glycine max). The Ω3, Ω6, and Ω9 contents are 1.9-3.0, 26.5-39.6, and 41.2-56.2 g/100 g lipid, respectively. Lupins can be used to fortify the protein content of pasta, bread, biscuits, salads, hamburgers, sausages, and can… (More)
DOI: 10.1080/10408398.2013.772089


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@article{CarvajalLarenas2016LupinusMC, title={Lupinus mutabilis: Composition, Uses, Toxicology, and Debittering.}, author={F E Carvajal-Larenas and Anders Linnemann and M. J. Rob Nout and Maria Koziol and M A J S Tiny Van Boekel}, journal={Critical reviews in food science and nutrition}, year={2016}, volume={56 9}, pages={1454-87} }