Luobusaite: A New Mineral

  title={Luobusaite: A New Mineral},
  author={Bai Wenji and Shi Nicheng and Fang Qingsong and Li Guo-wu and Xiong Ming and Yang Jing-sui and Rong He},
: A group of mantle minerals including about 70–80 subtypes of minerals are discovered from a podiform chromitite in Tibet, China. Recovered minerals include diamond, coesite, moissanite, wustite, Fe-silides and a new mineral, luobusaite. All of these minerals were hand-picked from heavy-mineral separates of the podiform chromitite in the mantle peridotite of an ophiolite. The grains of luobusaite are as host mineral with inclusions of native silicon or as an intergrowth with native silicon and… CONTINUE READING