Lungworm Infection in Three Loggerhead Sea Turtles, Caretta caretta

  title={Lungworm Infection in Three Loggerhead Sea Turtles, Caretta caretta},
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Abstract Although lungworms are known to infect many mammalian species and a few are known to infect snakes, lizards, and birds, previously none were known to infect chelonians. This study documents the first three known cases of lungworms in loggerhead sea turtles, Caretta caretta. It is unlikely that the lungworms were the primary cause of illness in any of the cases, and they may be only contributory or even incidental. Changes observed in the two cases that died included tracheal and… 
Some Digenetic Trematodes Found in a Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta Caretta) from Brazil
Three recovered species of digeneans from an adult loggerhead sea turtle - Caretta caretta (Testudines, Cheloniidae) in Brazil, and a list of helminths reported from the Neotropical region, Gulf of Mexico and USA (Florida) is presented.
Biology and Diseases of Reptiles
This chapter provides information regarding biology, husbandry, and the diseases commonly affecting captive reptiles most frequently used in research.
This paper will cover the diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems in reptiles. It is not intended as a comprehensive review. In-depth disease descriptions can be found in the


Neurological disease in wild loggerhead sea turtles Caretta caretta.
It is speculated that the clinical signs and pathologic changes seen in the affected LST resulted from combined heavy spirorchiid parasitism and possible chronic exposure to a novel toxin present in the diet of LST.
Toxicity and efficacy of ivermectin in chelonians.
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Five red-footed tortoises treated for intestinal nematode parasitism with a single IM injection of ivermectin were found in a state of extreme paresis or flaccid paralysis, and limited necropsy findings indicated that elimination of adult nematodes from the intestines was incomplete.
Angiostoma carettae n. sp. (Nematoda: Angiostomatidae) from the Loggerhead Sea Turtle Caretta caretta (Testudines: Cheloniidae), Florida, U.S.A
Angiostoma carettae is most similar to Angiostomas onycodactyla and AngiOSToma stammeri in that lateral alae are absent, and there are 8 pairs of caudal papillae.
Veterinary Management of Tortoises and Turtles
This text provides the veterinary practitioner with an easy-to-use manual of tortoise and turtle care, and extensive use of colour photographs and illustrations define the appropriate treatment required for each presenting condition.
Pneumonia and lower respiratory tract disease
  • Reptile Medicine and Surgery,
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