Lungenemphysem—Silikose—Cor pulmonale Ergebnisse statistischer Untersuchungen


Clinical and pathologic-anatomical investigations show differing results regarding the question, as to whether or not pulmonary emphysema and silicosis produce cor pulmonale. Therefore we have investigated the autopsy findings over a 10-year period with statistical methods. We wanted to determine correlations between cor pulmonale and pulmonary emphysema… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF02097152


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@article{Breining2005LungenemphysemSilikoseCorPE, title={Lungenemphysem—Silikose—Cor pulmonale Ergebnisse statistischer Untersuchungen}, author={H. Breining and A. Minderjahn}, journal={Pneumonologie}, year={2005}, volume={150}, pages={37-47} }