Lung eQTLs to Help Reveal the Molecular Underpinnings of Asthma

  title={Lung eQTLs to Help Reveal the Molecular Underpinnings of Asthma},
  author={Ke Hao and Yohan Boss{\'e} and David C. Nickle and Peter D. Par{\'e} and Dirkje S Postma and Michel Laviolette and Andrew Sandford and Tillie L. Hackett and Denise Daley and James C. Hogg and William M Elliott and Christian Couture and Maxime Lamontagne and Corry-Anke Brandsma and Maarten van den Berge and Gerard H Koppelman and Alise S. Reicin and Donald W. Nicholson and Vladislav A Malkov and Jonathan M.J. Derry and Christine Suver and Jeffrey A. Tsou and Amit Kulkarni and Chunsheng Zhang and Rupert S J Vessey and Greg J. Opiteck and Sean P. Curtis and Wim Timens and Don D. Sin},
  booktitle={PLoS genetics},
Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have identified loci reproducibly associated with pulmonary diseases; however, the molecular mechanism underlying these associations are largely unknown. The objectives of this study were to discover genetic variants affecting gene expression in human lung tissue, to refine susceptibility loci for asthma identified in GWAS studies, and to use the genetics of gene expression and network analyses to find key molecular drivers of asthma. We performed a genome… CONTINUE READING


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