Lung deposition of droplet aerosols in monkeys.

  title={Lung deposition of droplet aerosols in monkeys.},
  author={Yung Sung Cheng and Hammad Irshad and P. Kuehl and Thomas D Holmes and Robert M. Sherwood and Charles H. Hobbs},
  journal={Inhalation toxicology},
  volume={20 11},
Nonhuman primates are often the animal models of choice to study the infectivity and therapy of inhaled infectious agents. Most animal models for inhaled infectious diseases use aerosol/droplets generated by an atomization technique such as a Collison nebulizer that produces particles in the size range of 1 to 3 microm in diameter. There are few data in the literature on deposition patterns in monkeys. Our study was designed to measure the deposition pattern in monkeys using droplets having… CONTINUE READING
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