Lung adenocarcinoma and indicators of asbestos exposure.

  title={Lung adenocarcinoma and indicators of asbestos exposure.},
  author={Franco Mollo and Enrico Pira and G. Piolatto and Donata Bellis and Paola Burlo and A Andreozzi and Sandra Bontempi and Eva Negri},
  journal={International journal of cancer},
  volume={60 3},
A case-control study was carried out on 145 male lung-cancer patients diagnosed at autopsy and 178 controls, in order to investigate the relationship between asbestos exposure and the cell type of pulmonary carcinoma. Adenocarcinomas (AD) were individually matched with other cell types and with controls. The relative risk (RR) of developing AD in relation with lung asbestos body (AB) content as the exposure indicator was calculated by using logistic-regression analysis for matched sets. Two… CONTINUE READING

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