Lunar Troilite: Crystallography

  title={Lunar Troilite: Crystallography},
  author={H. T. Jun. Evans},
  pages={621 - 623}
Fine, euhedral crystals of troilite from lunar sample 10050 show a hexagonal habit consistent with the high-temperature NiAs-type structure. Complete three-dimensional counter intensity data have been measured and used to confirm and refine Bertaut's proposed low-temperature crystal structure. 

Inversion twinning in troilite

Abstract The crystal structure of troilite from chondrites Etter and Georgetown and a troilite analog synthesized by sulfurization of an iron wire was refined using single-crystal X-ray data.

Mineralogy of Suizhou Unmelted Chondritic Rock

Type 6 ordinary chondrites generally have a simple mineralogy. Major minerals are olivine, low-Ca pyroxene, and FeNi metal (kamacite and taenite). Plagioclase, diopside, and troilite are minor

Structure of pyrrhotite 5C (Fe9S10).

  • A. Elliot
  • Materials Science
    Acta crystallographica. Section B, Structural science
  • 2010
The distribution of vacancies throughout the underlying NiAs structure of pyrrhotite 5C was analysed through the application of vacancy avoidance and the closeness condition in conjunction with

The stereochemistry of iron sulfides-a structural rationale for the-crystallization of some metastable phases from aqueous solutionr

Stereochemical and topological arguments are used to rationalize the metastable occurrence of mackinawite and marcasite in laboratory experiments. The dimeric species, (FeS), and (FeSr)r, are

The crystal structure of a naturally occurring 5C pyrrhotite from Sudbury, its chemistry, and vacancy distribution

Abstract The crystal structure of a naturally occurring pyrrhotite from the Copper Cliff North Mine, Sudbury, Canada, has been determined in the space group Cmce (formerly Cmca), and the positions

A Mössbauer investigation of natural troilite from the Agpalilik meteorite

Troilite close to FeS, with 0.17 weight percent Cr as main impurity, was obtained from the Agpalilik meteorite. Powder Mössbauer spectroscopy was made in the temperature range 77–645 K. The full

Transmission electron microscopy on meteoritic troilite

AbstractPhase transitions and associated domains of meteoritic troilite (FeS) have been studied by means of transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Three polymorphs have been found, two of which can

Effect of cation vacancy and crystal superstructure on thermodynamics of iron monosulfides

Iron monosulfides, Fe1 − xS (0 < x < 0.125), are extremely complex in their chemical and physical behaviours, which are largely attributed to their nonstoichiometric nature and myriad

Mtissbauer and X-ray study of the effects of yacancy concentration in synthetic hexagonal pyrrhotites

Homogeneous samples of hexagonal pyrrhotite (Fer-,S) in the compositional range 0.004 < x < 0.143, obtained by dry synthesis followed by quenching, were studied by X-ray diffractometry and Mtissbauer



Über die Eisen (II)-Sulfidmischkristalle

Es wird das Mischkristallgebiet zwischen FeS und Schwefel (Troilit-Pyrrhotinphase) eingehend untersucht. Zwischen 50,O und 51,O Atom-% Schwefel erstreckt sich ein Uberstrukturgebiet; die Uberstruktur

Least squares analysis, bond lengths, and errors were calculated with a computer program written by Dr

    This table may be obtained uipon request from the author (H.T.E.)

    • Physik Chem. 122,
    • 1933