Lunar-Lunacy Research

  title={Lunar-Lunacy Research},
  author={David E. Campbell},
  journal={Environment and Behavior},
  pages={418 - 424}
  • D. Campbell
  • Published 1 July 1982
  • Psychology, Physics
  • Environment and Behavior
Research on the relationship between phase of the moon and human behavior indicative of "lunacy" should not be encouraged. The hypothesized lunar-lunacy relationship appears to lack validity. Theories to explain the hypothesized correlation by means of gravitational forces and airion effects are untenable upon close scrutiny. Researchers in this area are encouraged to explore more promising environmental influences than lunar effects. 

Lunar cycles and human aggression: A replication

The present investigation provided for tests of a lunar-aggression hypothesis using the aggressive penalties awarded in ice hockey over a season of competition. Interpersonal aggression was found to

Geophysical Variables and Behavior: XLVI. The Lunar-Lunacy Relationship: A Poorly Evaluated Hypothesis

Authors of several published studies and important reviews have recommended that attempts to validate the lunar hypothesis be terminated. It is suggested in this reply to these critics that such

Much ado about the full moon: a meta-analysis of lunar-lunacy research.

Les donnees provenant de 37 etudes publiees ou non publiees sont combinees dans une etude meta-analytique examinant les relations entre les phases de la lune et l'alienation mentale

Lunar influences on human aggression.

League records of all hockey games ( N = 426) played during a season provided data for tests of a lunar-aggression hypothesis. Despite the use of multiple measures of lunar phase and interpersonal

Lunar phases and crisis center telephone calls.

The lunar hypothesis, that is, the notion that lunar phases can directly affect human behavior, was tested by time-series analysis of crisis center telephone calls, and crisis center workers reported significantly greater belief in lunar effects than a non-crisis-center-worker comparison group.

Geophysical Variables and Behavior: X. Detecting Lunar Periodicities: Something Old, New, Borrowed, and True

This methodological note corrects errors in classic and recent studies on phases of the moon and abnormal behavior. It also describes more appropriate (time series analyses) procedures for detecting

Rescue responses during a full moon and Friday 13th

PurposeIt is a well held belief that the full moon period and the date Friday 13th has an impact on the number of emergency call outs for emergency services. The purpose of this paper is to

The Aggressive Behavior of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities is Not Affected by a Full Moon: A 17-Year Study

Abstract Due to past inconsistent results of research concerned with a possible full moon effect on the behavior of individuals with intellectual disabilities, a longer-term study was conducted. Over

Moon phase effect on investor psychology and stock trading performance

Purpose - – This article aims to examine how investor moods and aggressiveness differ in their state and influence investor stock market performance associated with the moon phase. The mechanisms and

Why cross-national differences in role overload? Don't overlook ambient temperature!

The finding that, across nations, power distance (expected and accepted unequal interpersonal influence) Is positively related to role overload (Peterson et al., 1995) might he an artifact of the



Homicides and the lunar cycle: toward a theory of lunar influence on human emotional disturbance.

Data on homicides were analyzed by computer to determine whether a relationship exists between the lunar synodic cycle and human emotional disturbance. A statistically significant lunar periodicity

The questionable relationship between homicides and the lunar cycle.

The authors studied 2,494 homicides that occurred in Harris County, Tex. (Houston), over a 14-year period in an effort to confirm a recent study suggesting that homicides are significantly related to

Self inflicted injuries and the lunar cycle a preliminary report

Abstract Data on self inflicted injuries by poisoning in the Winnipeg, Canada area were compared to the lunar cycle. A statistically significant lunar periodicity was demonstrated for the females in


  • A. Pokorny
  • Psychology
    The American journal of psychiatry
  • 1964
The 2497 suicides and 2017 homicides occurring in Texas during the years 1959, 1960, and 1961 were related to the 4 phases of the moon and to the apogeeperigee cycles of the moon during this period.

Moon Phases and Suicide Attempts in Australia

Biographical data describing suicide attempts were obtained from a large hospital in the Illawarra region on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia and each admission day was assigned to a moon phase.

Biological impact of small air ions.

It is shown that mice and rats display a charge-related metabolic response to air ions and this phenomenon also occurs in humans, and ion depletion is a constant concomitant of modern urban life, one reasonably may speculate about comparable inimical effects on humans.

Lunacy and the moon.