Lunar Contour Crafting: A Novel Technique for ISRU-Based Habitat Development

  title={Lunar Contour Crafting: A Novel Technique for ISRU-Based Habitat Development},
  author={Behrokh Khoshnevis and Melanie P. Bodiford and Kevin H. Burks and Edwin C. Ethridge and Dennis S. Tucker and Won Kim and Houssam A. Toutanji and Michael R. Fiske},
As the nation prepares to return to the Moon, it is apparent that the viability of long duration visits with appropriate radiation shielding/crew protection, hinges on the development of Lunar structures, preferably in advance of a manned landing, and preferably utilizing in-situ resources. Contour Crafting is a USC-patented technique for automated development of terrestrial concrete-based structures. The process is relatively fast, completely automated, and supports the incorporation of… Expand
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