Luminescent Properties of Sr 4 Si 3 O 8 Cl 4 : Eu 2 + , Bi 3 + Phosphors for Near UV InGaN-Based Light-Emitting-Diodes


Sr4Si3O8Cl4 co-doped with Eu2+, Bi3+ were prepared by the high temperature reaction. The structure and luminescent properties of Sr4Si3O8Cl4:Eu2+, Bi3+ were investigated. With the introduction of Bi3+, luminescent properties of these phosphors have been optimized. Compared with Sr3.90Si3O8Cl4:0.10Eu2+, the blue-green phosphor Sr3.50Si3O8Cl4:0.10Eu2+, 0… (More)

6 Figures and Tables


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