Lumbar pain and fin swimming.

  title={Lumbar pain and fin swimming.},
  author={E. Verni and Letizia Prosperi and Carlo Lucaccini and Luigi Fedele and R. Beluzzi and T Lubich},
  journal={The Journal of sports medicine and physical fitness},
  volume={39 1},
BACKGROUND It was hypothesised that fin swimming have unique physiopathologic features in particular concerning low back involvement. METHODS Retrospective study. SETTING elite competitive fin swimmers. PARTICIPANTS 17 males and 14 females aged from 16 to 23 years. INTERVENTION piroxicam, sport interruption for a week, proper warming-up and wearing suggestions during out-of-water exercises in the symptomatic group. Absence of intervention in the asymptomatic one. MEASURES… CONTINUE READING

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