Lumbar disk herniation: diagnosis with CT or myelography.

  title={Lumbar disk herniation: diagnosis with CT or myelography.},
  author={Jaap Schipper and Jan W. P. F. Kardaun and Reinder Braakman and K J van Dongen and Gerhard Blaauw},
  volume={165 1},
The value of computed tomography (CT) and myelography as single investigations in the diagnostic evaluation of patients with radiating leg pain probably due to lumbar disk herniation (LDH) has been adequately demonstrated. However, the extent to which CT can replace myelography and the conditions in which the examinations should be combined and in which order are still uncertain. Results of CT scans and myelograms from 461 patients with symptoms of lumbar root compression, probably due to LDH… CONTINUE READING