Lumbar Disc Surgery in Regional Anaesthesia – 40 years of Experience

  title={Lumbar Disc Surgery in Regional Anaesthesia – 40 years of Experience},
  author={Martin Smr{\vc}ka and O. Baudy{\vs}ov{\'a} and Vil{\'e}m Jur{\'a}ň and M. Vidl{\'a}k and Roman G{\'a}l and Vladim{\'i}r Smrcka},
  journal={Acta Neurochirurgica},
 Lumbar disc operations have been performed in Brno since 1952 and from the very beginning they are performed under regional anaesthesia. Since 1965 until 1999 about 16000 operations for herniated discs have been performed here. The number of operations doubled with the foundation of the second neurosurgical department in Brno in 1992. Lumbar disc surgery represents 25% of the operation spectrum in our department.  Epidural anaesthesia is advantageous for less risk of some complications… CONTINUE READING