Lukka Revisited

  title={Lukka Revisited},
  author={T. Bryce},
  journal={Journal of Near Eastern Studies},
  pages={121 - 130}
  • T. Bryce
  • Published 1992
  • Journal of Near Eastern Studies
IN an article published in Journal of Near Eastern Studies in 1974, I discussed a number of texts which appear to have a bearing on the location of Lukka, or the Lukka Lands, in Anatolia during the Late Bronze Age.' In attempting to explain various references to Lukka which in geographical terms seemed to be inconsistent, I postulated two main groups of Lukka settlements, one in the region of Classical Lykaonia, the other in western Caria, bordering the region of Miletos. Because of additional… Expand
Sirens as Soul Bearers on Lycian Grave Reliefs in the Classical Period
The subject matter of this paper consists of the iconographic roots of the human-headed, birdbodied figures that appear on some of the Lycian grave reliefs in the Classical Period. In total there areExpand
Pots, people, and politics : a reconsideration of the role of ceramics in reconstructions of the Iron Age Northern Levant
This study aims to reconsider current reconstructions of the Iron Age Northern Levant and the role that ceramics studies have played in these interpretations. The author presents a regional ceramicExpand
The Sea Peoples, Egypt, and the Aegean: Transference of Maritime Technology in the Late Bronze-Early Iron Transition (LH IIIB–C)
The appearance of the brailed rig and loose–footed sail at the end of the Late Bronze Age revolutionized seafaring in the eastern Mediterranean. The most famous early appearance of this newExpand
Noticing neighbors: reconsidering ancient Egyptian perceptions of ethnicity
APA Citation Woodcock, T. (2014).Noticing neighbors: reconsidering ancient Egyptian perceptions of ethnicity [Master’s thesis, the American University in Cairo]. AUC Knowledge Fountain.Expand
Black Ships and Fair–Flowing Aegyptus: Uncovering the Late Bronze–Early Iron Age Context of Odysseus’ Raid on Egypt
Classics; Homer; Archaeology; Odysseus; Sea Peoples; Naval Warfare; Nautical Archaeology; Mycenaean; Greece


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