Luise Kautsky: The ‘Forgotten Soul’ of the Socialist Movement

  title={Luise Kautsky: The ‘Forgotten Soul’ of the Socialist Movement},
  author={James Muldoon},
  journal={Historical Materialism},
  • J. Muldoon
  • Published 17 June 2020
  • History, Art
  • Historical Materialism
This article draws on archival research to recover the legacy of Luise Kautsky – journalist, editor, translator, politician and wife of Karl Kautsky – who has been overlooked as a leading member of the socialist movement. First, by adopting a feminist historical lens to reveal the unacknowledged intellectual labour of women, the article reassesses Luise Kautsky’s relationship to Karl Kautsky and his writings. The evidence suggests that Luise Kautsky was essential to the development, editing… 
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