Lucinid bivalves from Miocene hydrocarbon seep sites of eastern North Island , New Zealand , with comments on Miocene New Zealand seep faunas

  title={Lucinid bivalves from Miocene hydrocarbon seep sites of eastern North Island , New Zealand , with comments on Miocene New Zealand seep faunas},
  author={Kazutaka Amano and Crispin T. S. Little and K. Alexander Campbell and Hitoha E. Amano},
Three new fossil species of lucinids, Meganodontia haunuiensis, Elliptiolucina neozelandica, and Lucinoma saetheri, are described from lower to middle Miocene hydrocarbon seep carbonates from north and south of Hawke Bay, eastern North Island, New Zealand. Of these taxa Meganodontia haunuiensis is confined to seep sites south of Hawke Bay, while Elliptiolucina neozelandica comes only from the seep sites north of Hawke Bay. Using ecological information from modern bivalve species, we suggest the… CONTINUE READING


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