Luba–Lunda states

  title={Luba–Lunda states},
  author={Giacomo Macola},
Centralized state systems have existed among the Luba and Lunda peoples of present-day southern Democratic Republic of Congo since at least 1700. Over the course of the 18th century, both polities took on an imperial character, as the political, economic, and cultural networks that revolved around them came to overlay large expanses of the central African savannah. Luba and Lunda elites, however, proved ill-equipped to deal with the growth of the trade in slaves and ivory in the closing decades… 

Use of Charms in Succession Politics of Traditional Luba Leaders of Kasai Central in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The study focusses on the role of indigenous manga (charms) in the politics of succession in traditional leadership among the Luba people in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The Luba people

Analysis of indigenous African political leadership among the Luba people of Kasai in the Democratic Republic of Congo

This paper aims to examine the nature of indigenous African political leadership among the Luba People of Kasai in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The study employed qualitative research that was



The Kingdom of Kazembe: History and Politics in North-Eastern Zambia and Katanga to 1950

This is the first full-length history of the kingdom of Kazembe, one of the principal and most enduring component of the Lunda 'commonwealth'. Unlike many kindred monographs, the book examines both


Just as the history of European exploration has been placed in perspective and assimilated into the new historiography of Africa, so the history of the expansion of coastal trade with interior

The Abolition of the Slave Trade and the Transformation of the South-Central African Interior during the Nineteenth Century

highland watershed of the Zambezi and southern Zaire river systems forms the backbone of the south-central African interior. Composed of savanna woodlands, the region stretches west to the upper

Lunda under Belgian Rule: The Politics of Ethnicity

structure and functioning of legislatures as institutions will be greatly strengthened when information on these matters is available. The comments above should not be taken to imply that the papers

It Never Happened: Kinguri's Exodus and its Consequences

The later precolonial history of a vast area in west central Africa between the Kwango and the Lubilash rivers starts with—and is dated by—the tradition of exodus of Kinguri and his companions from

Angola's Eastern Hinterlands in the 1750s: A Text Edition and Translation of Manoel Correia Leitão's “Voyage” (1755–1756)

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CokweTrade andConquest in the Nineteenth Century.

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