Lower extremity volumetric arterial blood flow in normal subjects.

  title={Lower extremity volumetric arterial blood flow in normal subjects.},
  author={Christy K. Holland and J. Alison Brown and Leslie M. Scoutt and Kenneth W. Taylor},
  journal={Ultrasound in medicine & biology},
  volume={24 8},
The objective of this clinical study was to establish normal values for volumetric blood flow in the leg at rest using Doppler ultrasound, and to determine what biophysical factors influence resting volumetric flow. Arterial blood flow was measured at four sites in the legs of 40 healthy subjects using an ATL Ultramark 9 HDI system. All subjects were nonhypertensive nonsmokers with ankle brachial index values greater than 1 and no history of vascular disease. The subjects, 20 of each gender, in… CONTINUE READING


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