Low-voltage and low-power 1.9 GHz body-input downconversion mixer

  title={Low-voltage and low-power 1.9 GHz body-input downconversion mixer},
  author={N. Jafferali and M. Jamal Deen},
  journal={Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering 2004 (IEEE Cat. No.04CH37513)},
  pages={1413-1416 Vol.3}
The paper describes a mixer designed in CMOS 0.18 /spl mu/m technology, which uses the body terminal of the transistor as one of the inputs. This method allows for the radio-frequency (RF) and local oscillator (LO) stages in traditional switching mixers to be collapsed into one stage, thereby allowing for operation at lower supply voltages and lower power consumption levels. The mixer was designed to downconvert a 1.9 GHz RF signal to a 250 MHz intermediate-frequency (IF) signal. The simulated… CONTINUE READING
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