Low-temperature relations in QCD

  title={Low-temperature relations in QCD},
  author={Nikita O. Agasian},
  journal={Physics of Atomic Nuclei},
  • N. Agasian
  • Published 30 December 2002
  • Physics
  • Physics of Atomic Nuclei
The low-temperature relations for the trace of the energy-momentum tensor in QCD with two and three quarks are obtained. It is shown that the temperature derivatives of the anomalous and normal (quark massive term) contributions to the trace of the energy-momentum tensor in QCD are equal to each other in the low-temperature region. Leading corrections connected with ππ interaction and thermal excitations of K and η mesons are calculated. 

Quark and Gluon Condensates at a Finite Isospin Chemical Potential

The nonperturbative vacuum of quantum chromodynamics at a finite isospin chemical potential has been studied. Low-energy relations for the quark and gluon condensates have been derived ab initio.

Conformal Anomaly in Yang-Mills Theory and Thermodynamics of Open Confining Strings

We discuss thermodynamic properties of open confining strings introduced via static sources in the vacuum of Yang-Mills theory. We derive new sum rules for the chromoelectric and chromomagnetic