Low-temperature heat-deproteinated compact bone to heal large bone defects.

  title={Low-temperature heat-deproteinated compact bone to heal large bone defects.},
  author={Stefano Guizzardi and Mario Raspanti and D{\'e}sir{\'e}e Martini and Renato Scandroglio and Paolo Govoni and Alessandro Ruggeri},
  volume={16 12},
The potential of low-temperature (400 degrees C), heat-treated bone matrix in osteorepair has been evaluated in vivo by implantation into defects artificially created in rodent tibia. Histological and ultrastructural analysis of the bone--implant interface has been carried out on samples obtained at 1 to 6 weeks from operation. The obtained data showed that calcined bone is well tolerated and does not cause acute or chronic inflammatory reactions. Osteoid tissue, tightly adhered to the implant… CONTINUE READING

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