Low-temperature facile template synthesis of crystalline inorganic composite hollow spheres.


This report presents a facile approach for the low-temperature synthesis of crystalline inorganic-oxide composite hollow spheres by employing the bulk controlled synthesis of inorganic-oxide nanocrystals with polymer spheres as templates. The sulfonated polystyrene gel layer can adsorb the target precursor and induce inorganic nanocrystals to grow on the template in situ. The crystalline phase and morphology of the composite shell is tunable. By simply adjusting the acidity of the titania sol, crystalline titania composite hollow spheres with tunable crystalline phases of anatase, rutile, or a mixture of both were achieved. The approach is general and has been extended to synthesize the representative perovskite oxide (barium and strontium titanate) composite hollow spheres. The traditional thermal treatment for crystallite transformation is not required, thus intact shells can be guaranteed. The combination of oxide properties such as high refractive index, high dielectric constant, and catalytic ability with the cavity of the hollow spheres is promising for applications such as opacifiers, photonic crystals, high-kappa-gate dielectrics, and photocatalysis.

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