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Low temperature Aluminum induced crystallization process to get Polysilicon films for thin film transistor application in active matrix displays

  title={Low temperature Aluminum induced crystallization process to get Polysilicon films for thin film transistor application in active matrix displays},
  author={Hitesh Chelawat and A. S. Kumbhar and Subhrashis Adhikari and Hrishikesk Kelkar and Rajiv O. Dusane},
The realization of high information-content active matrix flat-panel displays (FPD’s) requires low temperature thin film transistor (TFT) process that is compatible with the thermal constraints imposed by common inexpensive glass panels. Aluminum induced crystallization (AIC) has been researched extensively for producing poly-Si from a-Si. In this paper Aluminuminduced crystallization (AIC) in amorphous silicon films deposited by Hot Wire CVD (HWCVD) on glass has been demonstrated .The samples… Expand

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