Low-oxygen waters limited habitable space for early animals

  title={Low-oxygen waters limited habitable space for early animals},
  author={R Tostevin and Rachel Wood and Graham A Shields and Simon W Poulton and Rudolf Guilbaud and Frank P. Bowyer and Amelia Penny and Taohua He and Andrew Curtis and Klaus Hubert Hoffmann and Matthew O. Clarkson},
  booktitle={Nature communications},
The oceans at the start of the Neoproterozoic Era (1,000-541 million years ago, Ma) were dominantly anoxic, but may have become progressively oxygenated, coincident with the rise of animal life. However, the control that oxygen exerted on the development of early animal ecosystems remains unclear, as previous research has focussed on the identification of fully anoxic or oxic conditions, rather than intermediate redox levels. Here we report anomalous cerium enrichments preserved in carbonate… CONTINUE READING



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