Low-loss, multimode 5-IDT SAW filter.


Longitudinally coupled resonator filters provide unbalanced-balanced operation with wide bandwidth, low loss, and high suppression levels. However, reducing the insertion loss in the 1.8-2.2 GHz range remains a challenging problem because at high frequencies the resistive losses arising from the relatively wide aperture of the filter may degrade the performance. A 5-interdigital transducer (IDT) filter has six gaps at which the periodicity of the grating is broken, resulting in additional loss due to scattering into the bulk. In this paper, we show that replacing the gaps between the transducers with short transducer sections having their pitch different from that of the main transducers reduces the insertion loss of the device. We present devices with balun operation at 1842 MHz with wide bandwidth of 4.5% and -40 dB suppression, with a minimum insertion loss less than 1 dB in the best devices, and a maximum insertion loss of -1.2 dB in the passband. The passband is quite flat, with <1 dB ripple. We also discuss the layout of the contact pads and the connections, and its effect on the device performance and balance characteristics.

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