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Low-intensity Millimeter Waves in Biology and Medicine

  title={Low-intensity Millimeter Waves in Biology and Medicine},
  author={Oleg V. Betskii and Natalia N. Lebedeva}

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Millimeter (MM) wave and microwave frequency radiation produce deeply penetrating effects: the biology and the physics
  • M. Pall
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    Reviews on environmental health
  • 2021
There are three very important findings here which are rarely recognized in the EMF scientific literature: coherence of electronically generated EMFs; the key role of time-varying magnetic fields in generating highly penetrating effects; theKey role of both modulating and pure EMF pulses in greatly increasing very short term high level time-variation of magnetic and electric fields.
Evidence for a connection between coronavirus disease-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless communications including 5G
WCR has become a ubiquitous environmental stressor that it is recommended that all people, particularly those suffering from SARS-CoV-2 infection, reduce their exposure to WCR as much as reasonably achievable until further research better clarifies the systemic health effects associated with chronic WCR exposure.
The influence of a TM wave on liquid flow in a capillary
Electromagnetic wave propagation along capillary with flowing liquid is considered. It is shown that there are frequencies at which the electromagnetic wave has a longitudinal component of the
Effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields on flora and fauna, part 1. Rising ambient EMF levels in the environment
It is time to recognize ambient EMF as a novel form of pollution and develop rules at regulatory agencies that designate air as ‘habitat’ so EMF can be regulated like other pollutants.
Effect of High-Induction Magnetic Stimulation on Complex Heart Rate Variability of Sus Scrofa Domesticus under General Anesthesia
The results indicate that the HIMS application in the chest area may not pose a significant risk to healthy individuals in terms of the short-term effect of this technique on cardiac activity.
Mobile Communications and Public Health
Effect of acoustic pulses and EHF radiation on multipotent marrow stromal cells in tissue engineering constructs
Data showed that the combined impact of the EHF+ALIH on MSCs is the most effective for the formation of bone marrow transplantation.
Effect of whole body extremely high frequency electromagnetic irradiation exposure on lipid peroxidation in rats
The EHF EMI applied in the multiple mode significantly enhanced the lipid peroxidation level in the brain and slightly increased the same parameter in liver, indicating possible health implications of such exposures, which may cause damage in brain.
Forced acoustic oscillations of biological cell
This article considers the possibility of excitation of acoustic oscillations in a cell by electromagnetic waves, and it is reported that the pulse signal can be more effective than harmonic signal, and the pulse length is not essential.
Wheat Seedlings Growth and Antioxidant System Activity Changes as Responses to Extremely High Frequency Electromagnetic Irradiation
The investigation of the electromagnetic irradiation (EMI) with extremely high frequences (EHF)- 41.8 GHz, 42.2 GHz, 50.3 GHz and 51.8 GHz and low intensity flux capacity (0.6 mW.cm -2 ) of seeds and


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Requirements for long - term and stable remission of various types of deforming osteoarthrosis
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Application of electromagnetic waves of the MMwave band in treatment of depressive states
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Dynamics of some psychophysiologic indices during microwave therapy
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