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Low-frequency wide band-gap elastic/acoustic meta-materials using the K-damping concept

  title={Low-frequency wide band-gap elastic/acoustic meta-materials using the K-damping concept},
  author={I.Antoniadis and E.Chatzi and D.Chronopoulos and A.Paradeisiotis and I.Sapountzakis and S.Konstantopoulos},
The terms"acoustic/elastic meta-materials"describe a class of periodic structures with unit cells exhibiting local resonance. This localized resonant structure has been shown to result in negative effective stiffness and/or mass at frequency ranges close to these local resonances. As a result, these structures present unusual wave propagation properties at wavelengths well below the regime corresponding to band-gap generation based on spatial periodicity, (i.e."Bragg scattering"). Therefore… 
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