Low frequency view of GRB 190114C reveals time varying shock micro-physics

  title={Low frequency view of GRB 190114C reveals time varying shock micro-physics},
  author={K. Misra and L. Resmi and D. A. Kann and M. Marongiu and A. Moin and S. Klose and G. Bernardi and A. U. Postigo and V. Jaiswal and S. Schulze and D. Perley and A. Ghosh and Dimple and H. Kumar and R. Gupta and M. Michałowski and S. Mart'in and A. Cockeram and S. V. Cherukur and V. Bhalerao and G. Anderson and S. Pandey and G. Anupama and C. Thone and S. Barway and M. Wieringa and J. Fynbo and N. Habeeb},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena},
We present radio and optical afterglow observations of the TeV-bright long Gamma Ray Burst (GRB) 190114C, which was detected by the MAGIC telescope at a redshift of z=0.425. Our observations with ALMA, ATCA, and uGMRT were obtained by our low frequency observing campaign and range from ~1 to ~140 days after the burst and the optical observations were done with the 0.7-m GROWTH-India telescope up to ~25 days after the burst. Long term radio/mm observations reveal the complex nature of the… Expand


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