Low-frequency low-field magnetic susceptibility of ferritin and hemosiderin.

  title={Low-frequency low-field magnetic susceptibility of ferritin and hemosiderin.},
  author={Phillip D Allen and Tim St Pierre and Wanida Chua-anusorn and Valter Str{\"o}m and K. Venkata Rao},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={1500 2},
Low-frequency low-field magnetic susceptibility measurements were made on four samples of mammalian tissue iron oxide deposits. The samples comprised: (1) horse spleen ferritin; (2) dugong liver hemosiderin; (3) thalassemic human spleen ferritin; and (4) crude thalassemic human spleen hemosiderin. These samples were chosen because Mössbauer spectroscopic measurements on the samples indicated that they exemplified the variation in magnetic and mineral structure found in mammalian tissue iron… CONTINUE READING

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