Low frequency/high sensitivity horizontal monolithic sensor

  title={Low frequency/high sensitivity horizontal monolithic sensor},
  author={Fausto Acernese and Rosangela Canonico and Rosario De Rosa and Gerardo Giordano and Rocco Romano and Fabrizio Barone},
  booktitle={Remote Sensing},
This paper describes a new mechanical implementation of a folded pendulum based inertial sensor, configurable as seismometer and as accelerometer.1 The sensor is compact, light, scalable, tunable (< 100mHz), with large band (10−6 Hz÷10Hz), high quality factor (Q < 1500 in air) instrument and good immunity to environmental noises, guaranteed by an integrated laser optical readout. The measured sensitivity curve is in very good agreement with the theoretical one (10−12 m/ √ Hz in the band (0.1… 
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