Low energy levels in thiamine-deficient encephalopathy.

  title={Low energy levels in thiamine-deficient encephalopathy.},
  author={Hiroyuki Aikawa and Ii-sei Watanabe and Takashi Furuse and Yasuo Iwasaki and Eijiro Satoyoshi and Toshihisa Sumi and Takashi Moroji},
  journal={Journal of neuropathology and experimental neurology},
  volume={43 3},
Pyrithiamine-induced acute thiamine-deficient encephalopathy was produced in adult male Wistar rats. Twenty-four hours before the onset of neurological signs the brain showed no morphological abnormalities. Encephalopathic rats had symmetrical lesions of edematous necrosis localized in the thalamus, mammillary body, and pontine tegmentum. Biochemically, encephalopathic rats had brain thiamine levels less than 20% of controls. For the assay of the concentrations of adenosine triphosphate (ATP… CONTINUE READING
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