Low-energy coexisting band in 154Gd.

  title={Low-energy coexisting band in 154Gd.},
  author={William Kulp and Jenny L Wood and Kenneth S. Krane and J Loats and P Schmelzenbach and Christopher J. Stapels and R-M Larimer and Eric B. Norman},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={91 10},
A low-energy coexisting band Jpi (Ex keV) 0(+) (1182), 2(+) (1418), 4(+) (1701) is identified in the deformed nucleus, 154Gd. Detailed gamma-ray spectroscopy following the beta decays of 154Eu (J=3), (g,m(1),m(2))154Tb (J=0,3,7) is used to establish this structure. The structure is explained in terms of the pairing and deformation degrees of freedom, a… CONTINUE READING