Low-dose methotrexate enhances cycling of highly anaplastic cancer cells

  title={Low-dose methotrexate enhances cycling of highly anaplastic cancer cells},
  author={M. G. Cipolleschi and I. Marzi and E. Rovida and M. Olivotto and P. Dello Sbarba},
  journal={Cell Cycle},
  pages={280 - 285}
ABSTRACT We previously showed that cellular RedOx state governs the G1-S transition of AH130 hepatoma, a tumor spontaneously reprogrammed to the embryonic stem cell stage. This transition is impaired when the mithocondrial electron transport system is blocked by specific inhibitors (antimycin A) or the respiratory chain is saturated by adding to the cells high concentrations of pyruvate. The antimycin A or pyruvate block is removed by the addition of adequate concentrations of folate (F). This… Expand
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