Low-dose effects and biphasic effect profiles: is trenbolone a genotoxicant?

  title={Low-dose effects and biphasic effect profiles: is trenbolone a genotoxicant?},
  author={Melanie Boettcher and Thomas Kosmehl and Thomas Braunbeck},
  journal={Mutation research},
  volume={723 2},
Over the last years, extensive research has documented endocrine-disrupting activities for a significant number of substances including, among others, hormones, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and surfactants. Nonetheless, for most endocrine disruptors, toxicological profiles are still incomplete or even lacking. A systematic review has shown that a number of endocrine disruptors with steroid-modulating effects may also exert mutagenic and carcinogenic activities. For trenbolone, an androgenic… CONTINUE READING


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