Low-dose caffeine physical dependence in humans.

  title={Low-dose caffeine physical dependence in humans.},
  author={R R Griffiths and S. M. Evans and Stephen J. Heishman and K. L. Preston and Christine A. Sannerud and Bj Wolf and Phillip P. Woodson},
  journal={The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics},
  volume={255 3},
This study investigated the effects of terminating low dose levels of caffeine (100 mg/day) in 7 normal humans. Substitution of placebo capsules for caffeine capsules occurred under double-blind conditions while subjects rated various dimensions of their mood and behavior. In the first phase of the study, substitution of placebo for 12 consecutive days resulted in an orderly withdrawal syndrome in 4 subjects which peaked on days 1 or 2 and progressively decreased toward prewithdrawal levels… CONTINUE READING