Low dimensional ordering on a lattice model

  title={Low dimensional ordering on a lattice model},
  author={Fabio Siringo},
  journal={Physics Letters A},
  • F. Siringo
  • Published 8 January 1997
  • Physics
  • Physics Letters A
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Molecular Ordering in Covalent Solids: A Simple Lattice Model
Some aspects of molecular orientation in covalently-bonded molecular solids are discussed by reviewing a simple model for the molecular ordering of frustrated lattices. The model describes a peculiar
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Metal-insulator transition of elemental iodine under pressure.
This model of two-dimensional 5p-electron delocalization for crystalline iodine is examined as a function of pressure, by generalizing Rosenberg's assumptions to afford a natural explanation for the formation of a quasi-two-dimensional system for pressures greater than 21 GPa, recently observed by Mossbauer spectroscopy.
Metalinsulator transition induced by pressure in chemically bonded solids
Abstract A review is given of metal-insulator transitions induced by pressure in chemically bonded solids. After an introduction to energy band overlap mechanisms, which appear very useful to
Metallization and structural transformation of iodine under pressure: A microscopic view.
Elemental iodine has been studied by /sup 129/I Moessbauer effect at 4 K to pressures of 30 GPa in a diamond anvil cell. Its structural transformations leading to metallization have been determined
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