Low-dimensional compounds containing cyano groups. I. catena-Poly[dicyanoargentato(I)-kappaN]bis(4-methylpyridine-kappaN)copper(II)]-mu-dicyanoargentato(I)-kappa2N:N'].


The structure of the title compound, [Cu(C(6)H(7)N)(2)(Ag(CN)(2)(2)](n), is made up of neutral zigzag chains of [-NC-Ag-CN-Cu(4-Mepy)(2)(Ag(CN)(2))-NC-Ag-CN-] (4-Mepy is 4-methylpyridine). Neighbouring chains are linked by weak argentophilic interactions, with Ag.Ag distances of 3.2322 (12) A. The Cu atom, which lies on a twofold rotation axis, is pentacoordinated by one monodentate Ag(CN)(2)(-) anion [Cu-N 1.985 (3) A], the atoms of which lie on the same rotation axis, and by bridging dicyanoargentate anions [2 x Cu-N 2.0827 (19) A], with Ag atoms on inversion centres. The coordination polyhedron is completed by two 4-Mepy molecules [2 x Cu-N 2.038 (2) A], which occupy the axial positions of a distorted trigonal bipyramid.

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