Low cross-polarized integrated mixer/phase shifter patch antenna for beamforming applications

  title={Low cross-polarized integrated mixer/phase shifter patch antenna for beamforming applications},
  author={S. Gupta and V. Fusco},
  journal={1996 26th European Microwave Conference},
  • S. Gupta, V. Fusco
  • Published 1996
  • Engineering
  • 1996 26th European Microwave Conference
This paper describes a demonstration of the IF beamforming potential of an integrated mixer active patch antenna. A compact microstrip patch radiator circuit, consisting of an integrated mixer and injection-locked VCO, is described. Computations and measurements show that such a circuit not only provides frequency down-conversion but also can perform phase control through injection locking. The active element has good far-field radiation pattern characteristics and exhibits low cross… Expand
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