Low-cost through-hole electrode interconnection for 3D-SiP using room-temperature bonding

  title={Low-cost through-hole electrode interconnection for 3D-SiP using room-temperature bonding},
  author={Nobuo Tanaka and Y. Yoshimura and Toyoki Naito and Chuichi Miyazaki and Tomohiro Uematsu and Kazuma Hanada and Nenad Toma and Teruyuki Akazawa},
  journal={56th Electronic Components and Technology Conference 2006},
  pages={5 pp.-}
To verify the operation of three-dimensional SiP with through-hole electrode interconnections, we manufactured a prototype of a 3D-SiP sample composed of a MCU, an interposer, and a synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) chip using a proposed mechanical caulking operation. A new electrode design of LSI for through-hole electrode interconnection is important for establishing a stable mass-production process. By using this technology, the package thickness can be 1.0 mm or less even in ten-chip layers… CONTINUE READING


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