Low cost fluorescence detection using a CCD array and image processing for on-chip gel electrophoresis

  title={Low cost fluorescence detection using a CCD array and image processing for on-chip gel electrophoresis},
  author={R. Walczak and W. Kubicki and J. Dziuban},
  journal={Sensors and Actuators B-chemical},
Abstract The most commonly applied method of fluorescence detection for on-chip gel electrophoresis is finish line detection in epifluorescence configuration using highly sensitive photodiode or a cooled scientific camera as a photodetector. In this paper we aim to confirm that a simple optical configuration based on a limited number of components and a low-cost, non-cooled CCD matrix detector combined with software image processing makes possible very sensitive fluorescence detection for high… Expand
Effective length calibration method for processing the fluorescence signal detected by charge-coupled device in capillary electrophoresis.
A novel method named effective length calibration method has been developed to process the fluorescence signal detected by charge-coupled device during capillary electrophoresis, and achieved much higher signal-to-noise ratio and smaller peak width than the conventional detector did. Expand
Inkjet 3D printed chip for capillary gel electrophoresis
Abstract This paper presents for the first time the use of an inkjet 3D printing to develop a chip for capillary gel electrophoresis. The designing of the chip is preceded by investigations intoExpand
Background-free upconversion-encoded microspheres for mycotoxin detection based on a rapid visualization method
A quantitative fluorescence image analysis based on multicolor upconversion nanocrystal (UCN)-encoded microspheres for detection of ochratoxin A and zearalenone is constructed and it is shown that this novel detection platform performed feasible and reliablefluorescence image measurements by this method. Expand
Miniaturized gel electrophoresis system for fast separation of nucleic acids
Abstract Slab gel electrophoresis (SGE) is very common tool for DNA, RNA and protein analysis, but it is tedious, labor-intensive, skill-dependent, and relatively slow. Herein, we developed a biochipExpand
Fast high-throughput screening of glutathione S-transferase polymorphism by voltage programming-based multi-channel microchip electrophoresis.
  • Yucheng Sun, Su-Kang Kim, S. Kang
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of chromatography. B, Analytical technologies in the biomedical and life sciences
  • 2018
The developed VP-based multi-channel ME method with LIF detection was demonstrated to be an effective, rapid analysis technique for highly sensitive and high-throughput screening of GST genes. Expand
Incorporation of thermal gels for facile microfluidic transient isotachophoresis
Transient isotachophoresis (tITP) is a robust analytical technique that integrates sample preconcentration with electrophoretic separation. Despite the benefits afforded by tITP, its implementationExpand
A Fluorescent Biosensors for Detection Vital Body Fluids’ Agents
This review focuses on biosensors that can be applied to continuous, time-resolved measurements with fluorescence, and the LTCC technology is particularly useful for implementation of fluorescence-based detection in the ceramic microfluidic systems. Expand
Fast Gating for Raman Spectroscopy
The utility of time domain fast gating is discussed, as well as the performances of the mentioned techniques as reported in literature. Expand
Inkjet 3D printed modular microfluidic chips for on-chip gel electrophoresis
Concept of modular microfluidics combined with fabrication of the modules by 3D printing is an alternative to traditional monolithic form of the chips and microfabrication techniques of microfluidicExpand
Microfluidic Chip for Cyclical Continuous-Flow PCR — Preliminary Results of the Technology
A new solution of glass microfluidic chip for PCR DNA amplification and pathogen detection has been proposed. A continuous-flow method has been used for rapid thermocycling of the reaction mixture atExpand


Injection, separation and fluorimetric detection of DNA in glass lab-on-a-chip for capillary gel electrophoresis
Great attention is paid to develop lab-on-a-chip (LOC) for high-performance analysis of genetic material. Capillary gel electrophoresis is an efficient method of DNA analysis, including detection ofExpand
Fluorescence detection by miniaturized instrumentation based on non-cooled CCD minicamera and dedicated for lab-on-a-chip applications
A brief discussion on fluorescence detection in lab-on-a-chip is presented, and novel low-cost detection instrumentation utilising noncooled CCD image sensor and semiconductor laser light source is described. Expand
Laser-induced fluorescence detection system for microfluidic chips based on an orthogonal optical arrangement.
A detection limit of 1.1 pM fluorescein was obtained, which is comparable to that of optimized confocal LIF systems for chip-based capillary electrophoresis, which has the advantages of simple optical structure, compactness, and ease in building. Expand
Microchip DNA electrophoresis with automated whole-gel scanning detection.
It is shown how the miniaturized format can offer new opportunities to employ alternative detection schemes that can help address tradeoff issues by introducing an automated whole-gel scanning detection system that enables the progress of microchip-based gel electrophoresis of DNA to be continuously monitored along an entire microchannel. Expand
Automatic Protein Separation by Microchip Electrophoresis Using Quartz Chip
Electrophoretic separation techniques using microchips have been dramatically improved and several commercial MCE systems have been developed. For example, the Agilent Technologies 2100 BioanalyzerExpand
High-sensitivity capillary gel electrophoretic analysis of DNA fragments on an electrophoresis microchip using electrokinetic injection with transient isotachophoretic preconcentration.
The research focused electrokinetic injection combined with transient isotachophoresis preconcentration technique on capillary electrophoresis microchip to improve the analytical sensitivity of DNA fragments. Expand
Protein sizing on a microchip.
A microfabricated analytical device on a glass chip that performs a protein sizing assay, by integrating the required separation, staining, virtual destaining, and detection steps is developed, and a universal noncovalent fluorescent labeling method is obtained. Expand
High resolution DNA separations using microchip electrophoresis.
A recent survey of various electrophoretic separations using either glass or polymer-based microchips in the areas of genotyping and DNA sequencing as well as those involving the growing field of DNA-based forensics is compiled. Expand
Design and optimization of on‐chip capillary electrophoresis
A systematic, experimentally validated method of designing electrokinetic injections for on‐chip capillary electrophoresis applications and numerical simulations of the transient convective diffusion processes associated with electrokinetics produce an injection plug that has minimal advective dispersion are presented. Expand
A miniaturised image based fluorescence detection system for point-of-care-testing of cocaine abuse
Results of the investigations open the way towards a detection system that integrates a hand-held fluorescence reader and a wearable skinpatch, and which can collect and in situ analyse sweat for the presence of cocaine at any point for up to tenths hours. Expand