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Low cost Wireless I/O‟s using PLC, HMI & ZIGBEE

  title={Low cost Wireless I/O‟s using PLC, HMI \& ZIGBEE},
  author={Prof. V. B. Kumbhar and Sayalee S. Bidwai and Arjun Nichal},
During the past decade, the industrial sector throughout the world has shifted from the classical methods of Control and Automation to the state of the art techniques. This allowed the industries to attain a higher percentage of growth and production, which consequently gave rise to reduction in costs of the products. This trend of automation is gaining popularity at a very slow pace due to huge initial costs associated with it. This problem can be addressed by promoting Wireless I/O‟s… 

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Low cost wireless control and monitoring using PLC and SCADA”,International

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