Low-cost Stereovision system (disparity map) for few dollars

  title={Low-cost Stereovision system (disparity map) for few dollars},
  author={Rakhmatulin Ildar and Eugene Pomazov},
The paper presents an analysis of the latest developments in the field of stereo vision in the low-cost segment, both for prototypes and for industrial designs. We described the theory of stereo vision and presented information about cameras and data transfer protocols and their compatibility with various devices. The theory in the field of image processing for stereo vision processes is considered and the calibration process is described in detail. Ultimately, we presented the developed stereo… 

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A low-cost stereo vision implementation suitable for use in autonomous vehicle applications and designed with agricultural applications in mind, which utilizes the Census transform algorithm to calculate depth maps from a stereo pair of automotive-grade CMOS cameras.
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A low-cost stereo vision system designed for object recognition with FPFH point feature descriptors, performed using a pair of consumer market UVC cameras costing less than 80 Euros, lacking synchronization signal and without customizable optics.
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Experimental results showed that the proposed method can build a complete and viable stereo vision measurement system and the real size of the object was ascertained subsequently.
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By making full use of the functions of OpenCV, this method achieves better efficiency and accuracy of computation as well as good portability, which can be adopted in many types of computer vision systems.
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Computing the stereo matching cost with a convolutional neural network
  • J. Zbontar, Yann LeCun
  • Computer Science
    2015 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)
  • 2015
This work trains a convolutional neural network to predict how well two image patches match and uses it to compute the stereo matching cost, which achieves an error rate of 2.61% on the KITTI stereo dataset.