Low-complexity fuzzy relational clustering algorithms for Web mining

  title={Low-complexity fuzzy relational clustering algorithms for Web mining},
  author={Raghu Krishnapuram and Anupam Joshi and Olfa Nasraoui and Liyu Yi},
  journal={IEEE Trans. Fuzzy Systems},
This paper presents new algorithms (Fuzzy c-Medoids or FCMdd and Robust Fuzzy c-Medoids or RFCMdd) for fuzzy clustering of relational data. The objective functions are based on selecting c representative objects (medoids) from the data set in such a way that the total fuzzy dissimilarity within each cluster is minimized. A comparison of FCMdd with the well-known Relational Fuzzy c-Means algorithm (RFCM) shows that FCMdd is more eÆcient. We present several applications of these algorithms to Web… CONTINUE READING
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