Low-coherence interferometric absolute distance gauge for study of MEMS structures

  title={Low-coherence interferometric absolute distance gauge for study of MEMS structures},
  author={Wojciech J. Walecki and Kevin Lai and A. Pravdivtsev and Vitali Souchkov and Phuc Van and Talal Azfar and T. M. H. Wong and Siew Hock Lau and Ann Koo},
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The most commonly employed tools for wafer thickness and topography metrology are based on capacitance method, which due to physical size of probes, and may not be suitable for direct measurement of multi-layer non-conductive wafers or Micro Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) structures. Recently developed that low coherence interferometry provides solution, which overcomes limitations of these methods. Selected MEMS applications including characterization of deep (high aspect) trenches and… 
Synchronized low coherence interferometry for in-situ and ex-situ metrology for semiconductor manufacturing
Low coherence optical interferometry has been proven to be an effective tool for characterization of thin and ultra-thin, transparent and non-transparent semiconductor Si and compound wafers, and
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This work presents the use of a recently developed interferometric system based on the swept source optical coherence tomography (SS-OCT) technique, which allows the characterization of transparent
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We report exceptionally good repeatability in non-contact Frequency Space Moire (FSM) Fiber Optic Wafer Thickness Metrology. The FSM method, which is a frequency domain interferometry technique,
Fiber-optics Low-coherence Integrated Metrology for In-Situ Non-contact Characterization of Wafer Curvature for Wafers Having Non-uniform Substrate and Thin Film Thickness
Abstract. We propose novel stress metrology technique for measurement of local values stress tensor components in the coated wafers. New metrology is based on fiber-optic low coherence interferometry
Chip based common-path optical coherence tomography system with an on-chip microlens and multi-reference suppression algorithm.
An integrated optical probe including an on-chip microlens for a common-path swept-source optical coherence tomography system, which eliminates the need of a space-consuming and dispersive on- chip loop reference arm, thereby obviating the need for dispersion compensation.
Chip Based Common-path Swept-source Optical Coherence Tomography Device
Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is an optical imaging technique which provides three-dimensional images with micrometer-resolution. OCT has been extensively used for disease diagnostics, treatment
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We discuss the application of new synchronized, and virtually synchronized multiprobe real space and frequency domain low coherence interferometers for measurement of wafer thickness and topography.
Use of optical metrology for wafer level packaging of CMOS image sensor
Results about thickness measurements using optical techniques namely Infra-Red interferometer and white-light spectrometer on various stacked structures are presented to be helpful methods for the in-line monitoring.
Fiber‐optics Low‐coherence Integrated Metrology for In‐Situ Non‐contact Characterization of Novel Materials and Structures
We propose a novel stress metrology technique for measurement of local stress tensor components. Metrology is based on fiber‐optic low coherence interferometry and can be applied to study stress not
The amplitude and the phase or: Measuring directional and random motion with optical coherence tomography
Optical coherence tomography (OCT) uses a low coherence light source and a Michelson interferometer to measure path-length resolved backscatter profiles of samples with micrometer resolution and up


Optical coherence tomography.
Tomographic imaging is demonstrated in vitro in the peripapillary area of the retina and in the coronary artery, two clinically relevant examples that are representative of transparent and turbid media, respectively.
Interferometric Metrology for Thin and Ultra-Thin Compound Semiconductor Structures Mounted on Insulating Carriers
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Low Coherence Interferometry Based Metrologies for MEMs Manufacturing
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