Low-Temperature and Frost Risk Division of Olive in FuJian Province Based on GIS


According the low-temperature (Td) data of 60years from 1950/1951 to 2009-2010 in Fujian Province, geographic information, olive planting area, cut rates of yield and the farmer¡¯s net income, the low-temperature frost risk division of olive plant is done based on GIS technology, expert grading method, mathematical statistics and so on. The mainly indexes include the four factors of hazard, exposure, vulnerability and disaster prevention and reduction capability those combined results of the natural disaster risk, and the olive comprehensive risk assessment index is made of them to forming a division map of olive low-temperature and frost. The mainly results as follows: The risk factors of distribution are an uneven distribution. It is high low-temperature and frost risk region in County of Minqing, Shan hang, and YouXi, and the risk index reached 0.7418, 0.5818, 0.51, the olive can develop in those areas that are FuZhou south coast, PuTi an, QuanZhou and the most parts of ZhangZhou in Fujian Province.

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