Low Ply Drawings of Trees

  title={Low Ply Drawings of Trees},
  author={Patrizio Angelini and Michael A. Bekos and Till Bruckdorfer and Jaroslav Hancl and Michael Kaufmann and Stephen G. Kobourov and Antonios Symvonis and Pavel Valtr},
  booktitle={Graph Drawing},
We consider the recently introduced model of low ply graph drawing, in which the ply-disks of the vertices do not have many common overlaps, which results in a good distribution of the vertices in the plane. The ply-disk of a vertex in a straight-line drawing is the disk centered at it whose radius is half the length of its longest incident edge. The largest number of ply-disks having a common overlap is called the ply-number of the drawing. We focus on trees. We first consider drawings of… CONTINUE READING